Friday, October 5, 2007

Rock On! (reissue), Del Shannon, 2007

05 October 2007 (re-released)

The Tracks

1. Walk Away (Del Shannon/Tom Petty/Jeff Lynne) 3:37
2. Who Left Who (Del Shannon) 3:20
3. Are You Lovin' Me Too (Del Shannon) 3:14
4. Callin' Out My Name (Del Shannon) 3:44
5. I Go To Pieces (Del Shannon) 3:59
6. Lost In A Memory (Del Shannon) 3:35
7. I Got You (The Bird's Song) (Del Shannon) 3:41
8. What Kind Of A Fool Do You Think I Am? (Ray Whitley) 3:09
9. When I Had You (Del Shannon) 4:17
10. Let's Dance (Del Shannon) 3:31
bonus tracks
11. Hot Love (Del Shannon) 3:25
12. One Woman Man (Del Shannon) 3:55
13. Nobody's Business (Del Shannon) 3:22
14. You Don't Know What You've Got (Until You Lose It) (P. Hampton/D. Burton) 4:29
15. Songwriter (Del Shannon) 3:24

Album Overview
Bonus Tracks issued as part of album reissue in 2007.

Track 11, Hot Love features Wilbury members, Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty and George Harrison although their specific contributions are not noted.

Bonus tracks are referenced as part of what are known as "The Weddington Sessions".

The title of Track 8 I Got You (The Bird's Song) was shortened to I Got You on the reissued CD.

The Players

Production staff

Liner Notes

CD Number
Acadia ACAM 8147

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