Saturday, March 5, 1988

Geroge Harrison interview, Aspel & Company Show, 1988

show date
5 March 1988

George Harrison appears on the Aspel & Company Show in March 1988 and gives us a hint of the future. He is in the midst of discussing how it felt to play at the recent Prince's Trust Concert with many of his contemporaries including Ringo Starr and Eric Clapton.

During the conversation (5:31), host Michael Aspel asks Harrison, "didn't someone suggest that you should get this sort of oldies group together?" To which Harrison hesitates and replies, "I think that's sort of an idea that's bubbling about, maybe in Elton's mind, I don't know. It's sort of a good idea because everyone enjoys playing together."

Aspel continues and says, "You could call yourselves, Methuselah." While Harrison nods and says, "Yeah, yeah", with a grin as the crowd laughs.

Later in the year, the Traveling Wilburys would release their first album with Harrison as one of the principles in the group.

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