Monday, March 24, 2003

Ringo Rama (CD/DVD), Ringo Starr, 2003

Released 24 March 2003

The Tracks (CD)
1. Eye to Eye (R. Starkey/M. Hudson/S. Dudas/D. Grakal) 3:19
2. Missouri Loves Company (R. Starkey/M. Hudson/S. Dudas/D. Grakal) 3:33
3. Instant Amnesia (R. Starkey/M. Hudson/S. Dudas/D. Grakal) 5:13
4. Memphis in your Mind (R. Starkey/M. Hudson/G. Burr/S. Dudas/D. Grakal) 3:14
5. Never Without You (R. Starkey/M. Hudson/G. Nicholson) 5:24
6. Imagine Me There (R. Starkey/M. Hudson/G. Burr) 3:56
7. I Think Therefore I Rock 'n' Roll (R. Starkey/M. Hudson/D. Grakal) 3:25
8. Trippin' On My Own Tears (R. Starkey/M. Hudson/G. Burr/D. Grakal) 3:32
9. Write One For Me (R. Starkey/M. Hudson/G. Burr) 3:15
10. What Love Wants To Be (R. Starkey/M. Hudson/G. Burr) 3:03
11. Love First, Ask Questions Later (R. Starkey/M. Hudson/G. Burr/D. Grakal) 4:45
12. Elizabeth Reigns (R. Starkey/M. Hudson/G. Burr/D. Grakal) 3:57
13. English Garden (R. Starkey/M. Hudson/G. Burr/S. Dudas/D. Grakal) 2:17 + [I Really Love Her] (R. Starkey/M. Hudson) 1:00 (3:17 total)

The Tracks (DVD)
1. RingoRama Land

The Highlights
This album contains Ringo's heartfelt tribute to George Harrison, Never Without You, who died a few months before the album was released. George's pal Eric Clapton adds a nice lead guitar section towards the middle of the song. Clapton also adds solos on Imagine Me There.

Other contributors include Willie Nelson, David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), bassist Charlie Haden, Shawn Colvin and Timothy B. Schmit (Eagles). There is also a small sample of Roy Orbison's "growl" and a few "mercy's" on Memphis in your Mind.

Never Without You video